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Some information about Privacy, hackers and burglars regarding a Helium miner.


Is a Helium Hotspot a vulnerability in your home?
No. The box receives radio signals via the antenna and transmits data to the blockchain on the internet. So no personal data and the like are collected and shared.


The box is not interesting to steal because it is tied to the location. It will not work in any other location. There are also no data or Helium coins stored in it. Thieves have no use for it.



Hackers can’t do anything with this either, the blockchain is more secure than an internet bank account. The HNT coins come directly into your wallet and are not digitally stored on the cabinet. The data communication and processing is also well secured. Everything goes straight to the internet, there is no data on the box.

I hope that this has removed a number of concerns, so that you can place a cabinet with peace of mind.

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Koos Dorssers
Helium Mining Specialist