Message Buying a Helium Miner ?

Good day,

Many people ask whether it is not better to buy a Helium miner yourself.

It is worth considering.

Will you then have a miner at home faster? That is the question …

After all, all suppliers face the same problem: production lags behind due to a lack of chips. Delivery times are at least 3 months at most websites.

Buying on Ebay …

I warn against purchases of a miner via Ebay.
There are many scammers out there.

My experience :
You will see a price of 615 Euro in ‘preorder’.
But if you contact the seller, it turns out that the price is suddenly much higher.
A whopping 3.5K. Yes, 3500 euros.
Just deception. Don’t fall for it.

Build a Helium miner yourself?

You could still do that last year, if you were very technical.
Now no longer allows this.
They want to prevent all kinds of creative constructions.

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My advice

I think you’d better wait for the iHub one for now.
If it isn’t there in three months, you can still decide to buy one.
You can’t get it much faster.
(And if so, I’d love to hear how!)

Message Buying a Helium Miner ? 3

Koos Dorssers
Helium Mining Specialist