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The IHUB Global Affiliate Plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for marketing Helium Miners in the effort of expanding the greater Helium network. Individual results will vary depending on market conditions, commitment levels and marketing skills of each Affiliate. Due to the volatility of cryptoassets such as Helium Tokens (“HNT”), potential earnings estimates are not possible to provide.
There will certainly be Affiliates who will earn less while others will earn much more. We’re excited about the IHUB Global Affiliate Plan and we believe it will provide you a solid foundation to help join the IHUB community and join our efforts to grow the greater Helium network.
Income Not Guaranteed
Joining IHUB either as a Customer, a Host, or an Affiliate brings great value. However, it is critical for a prospective Affiliate to be aware that IHUB is an entity in the business of providing Miners to Customers, Hosts, and Affiliates. IHUB is NOT a trading entity. IHUB, its Affiliates, and any other individual or entity associated with the Company, as any other investment or commissioned occupation, do NOT guarantee the successful mining of HNT, any sort of return from HNT production, or any other guaranteed income or result.
IHUB is presenting this Affiliate Agreement for Affiliates to join in an opportunity to grow the Helium network and possibly benefit from the HNT results, NOT to join in a guaranteed income stream. To reiterate, IHUB is an entity marketing Miners and the potential for the growth of the Helium network and has no control over the market or how a particular Affiliate’s decision to join the opportunity will result.
Individuals and entities join the opportunity and operate at their own risk understanding that there is a potential for positive results but also the potential for the decision to result in a net loss. IHUB provides the services for individuals or entities to proceed with their desired plans, whether through simply marketing the IHUB opportunity, purchasing and operating their own Miner, or purchasing a Miner and finding additional Miner locations via a Company-approved Host in accordance with the Host Agreement. IHUB will NEVER comment on, provide further information for, or have any impact on any particular financial strategy or decision one may take.
All HNT that is mined or otherwise gained through using IHUB services will all come into the control of IHUB corporate so that IHUB may distribute the appropriate proportions in accordance with the particular results owed an Affiliate through their own operations of a Miner or the provisions of the particular Host Agreement signed between Affiliate and Host.
IHUB is aware of and encouraged by the large potential upside that exists in the cryptocurrency sector. IHUB is in the business of marketing Miners in an effort to expand the greater Helium network. Affiliates are an important aspect of this model.
The value of the assets mined by IHUB Miners can be volatile causing fluctuating swings in price. IHUB cannot guarantee that any Affiliate, Host, or Customer will receive any type of increase in their personal holdings through their time as an IHUB Affiliate, Host, or Customer.